Quality Control

Our rigorous quality control ensures that your orders arrive promptly and efficiently. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we continue to strive to reach the heights of our customer’s expectations.

ISO 9001:2015

PrecisionForm Incorporated received ISO 9001:2015 registration in January of 2019. This quality system is a discipline that PFI has supported and is evidenced by our customers’ total quality and customer satisfaction ratings.

SPC Built-In, Not Added On

To assure product integrity, quality control isn’t an afterthought- it’s a rigorous part of the entire PrecisionForm manufacturing process. At every stage, Statistical Process Control procedures are applied as an integral part of PrecisionForm’s overall production philosophy.

Working together as a team, quality control and engineering personnel from both the customer and PrecisionForm identify SPC controls at the design phase for customer and process-critical characteristics. During manufacturing, process controls are monitored and maintained by PrecisionForm personnel thoroughly trained in statistical techniques.

In-process inspection and data collection assures quality is manufactured into the product as it is produced, thus assuring complete compliance with customer specifications. Productivity is enhanced since process controls eliminate the need to “inspect” quality into product already manufactured.

At PrecisionForm, we’re proud of our performance and we’d like a chance to perform for you.